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Keeping positive during lockdown and beyond.....

In these unprecedented times, I find myself often digging deep to keep positive. I am sure I’m not alone too. After all;

Who could have ever imagined in their lifetime falling victim to the Coronavirus Pandemic? How could a virus spread so quickly across the world and indiscriminately attack its victims? Was the writing on the wall and we were just too naive or blind to see it?

Whatever the case, this silent, invisible enemy is having devastating consequences to Peoples’ health, to Countries’ economies, Individuals’ livelihoods and not to mention limitations on one’s freedom. The nation’s grief from loved ones dying before their time, to the financial insecurity, imposed restrictions and a feeling of uncertainty and loss at every level to lives; is impacting our mental health beyond any measure, number or statistic could ever provide. And the scars will remain long after the Coronavirus has gone.

However, out of this darkness there is light in the form of positives.

Lockdown provides an opportunity to be PRESENT: Examples.......

  • Quality time with the family.

  • Time to take up new hobbies, read books, learn and acquire new skills.

  • Time to tick off those things in the house that you’ve been meaning to do - such as painting or repairing items.

  • Time to open your eyes to the beautiful world on your doorstep! Spring is here - birds are singing, flowers are blooming and trees are blossoming.

  • Time to be inspired by our NHS heroes and how communities continue to come together as a force for good.

  • Time to catch up on Netflix!!!

  • Time to connect and create moments with friends and family through technology.

  • Time to take action by volunteering (where possible) or performing random acts of kindness.

  • Time to exercise more.

It’s all about the small wins within an understanding and appreciation of the big picture of life and love.....

Time in Lockdown also provides an opportunity to be REFLECTIVE; something I have started to do a lot.

If you had asked me years ago if I would one day own a dance business, I probably would have just laughed it off. It was never on the Agenda unlike Marketing was. Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved dancing as a social activity and form of exercise. However, I never considered it as a business until 4 years ago when I connected Dance to Mental Health. It was the research proven benefits on wellbeing; specifically how dance could be used as a weapon in the battle of rising mental health issues, which refuelled my passion.

And today, as we stare Coronavirus in the eyes and witness first hand the devastating effect this enemy has on our physical and mental health, I am reminded yet again of why I changed career and do what I do.

During Lockdown, I have watched my youngest child literally dancing everyday, most of the day… With friends, she has even developed the “Covid-19” dance group which through technology meets daily to teach each other choreography. I have also been pulled into her own “classes”, as have other members of my family. It is definitely fun and is keeping spirits high at a time of such uncertainty.

In addition, as I reflect on our last term of children's dance classes a popular song comes to mind: “Better when I’m dancing” by Meghan Trainor. The title could not be more true…and is about how the Artist feels more confident, positive, stronger when dancing and having fun. If you have never considered dancing before, this could be the apt time to start …..don’t over think it, just listen to some music and move your body and feet…anyone can do it and before you know it you will feel happier, and more positive.

Dancing of course is not the only thing one can turn to in helping maintain positivity. There are many opportunities to be capitalised on, as mentioned earlier, by simply being present. However, for some, it just takes one thing to tip the positivity balance. For us, dance is that one fun thing that has become everything for our positive mental health.

Why not therefore use this period of Lockdown to be PRESENT and REFLECTIVE, and find your key(s) to unlocking sustained positivity?

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