1 in 10 children will experience a mental health difficulty at least once by the age of 11.


At DBD we harness the research proven benefits of dance for positive wellbeing. By introducing dance early in life we can raise awareness and promote positive mental health to children.  We can specifically help to address existing issues and reduce the risk of further problems developing that may be more challenging to resolve in adulthood.

DBD is passionate abut working with Schools to enrich their curriculum and ultimately the lives of Pupils through bespoke dance related clubs.

We recognise that the educational world is constantly changing and every school has its own culture and specific challenges.  We therefore design dance around YOUR objectives and requirements with recommended measurement opportunities too.

We are relationship focused, have a unique teaching methodology and a depth of experience rooted in qualifications compliant with Ofsted Regulations.  We are therefore best placed to provide a range of solutions specific to YOUR needs - from Street Dance to Cheerleading, Musical Theatre, Bollywood and more!


At a time when so many young children and teenagers are struggling in their personal lives WE WANT TO BE THE DIFFERENCE - the positive force, using dance as a platform for engaging, inspiring and focusing on wellbeing - so that every child has the best chance to realise their potential.

If you are interested by our benefit led partnership and client centric approach to providing bespoke dance solutions, please get in touch.



Improves self-confidence


Releases stress & excess energy into something positive

Improves posture, muscle strength, balance & coordination

Enhances creativity & problem solving


Develops social skills


Benefits for Children