1 in 4 British Workers suffer stress, anxiety and depression every year. The Mental Health issue is the single largest cause of disability in the UK and the economic and social cost of this amounts to more than £100 billion annually.

These statistics - growing ever more frightening - are driving Organisations to take greater responsibility for their Employees' wellbeing.


However, with finite resources it is not always possible to deal with this matter solely from within. It often requires objective advice and expert support from external providers.

This is where we can bridge the gap.  As a team of professional Dance Teachers, leading performers in their field, Consultants, Industry Professionals and trained Mental Health Champions who have worked in a multitude of organisations across different sectors and geographies, we have first hand experience of understanding the scale of the issue facing Companies.

We view Dance through a multitude of lenses:

- As a force for Mental Health and Wellbeing

- As a tool for Employee Engagement

- As a unique Team Building Activity

- As a tool for Corporate Social Responsibility

We work with forward thinking organisations to deliver bespoke dance solutions: from educational talks, dance classes, taster workshops, to dance team building courses, employee engagement initiatives, wellness programs and more...with advice on measurement opportunities too!

Any dance solution is delivered upon an understanding of the specific workplace, its culture, our client's objectives and requirements.  We work in partnership with YOU to ensure we meet and exceed YOUR expectations.

If you are looking for a fresh approach to: promote positive mental health and cultivate greater wellbeing in the workplace, improve your employee engagement levels, develop individual capabilities and soft skills and/or to positively impact your CSR agenda, talk to us.

Benefits for Employees


Tones the body and is also a dynamic way to exercise the mind.

Provides a creative outlet to those dealing with mental health issues.

Allows individuals to become more connected and social.

Dance utilises right brain activity boosting creativity.

A high impact, low cost, fun activity.