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We are a unique business specialising in bespoke dance solutions.

Fuelled by the research benefits of dance, our passion is to enrich both children's and adults' lives by specifically working in partnership with Schools, Workplaces ad Communities to put dance at the heart of wellbeing plans.

By combining 25+ years of commercial and consulting expertise with professional Dance Teachers and leading Performers in their field, we are best placed to deliver a range of dance solutions specific to our clients' objectives and requirements through a number of platforms such as Classes, Seminars, Workshops, Team Building Training Courses, Wellness Initiatives & Employee Engagement programs.

Fusing our talent allows us to see dance through a multitude of lenses, future proof our ideas and in doing so, we can ensure that we exceed our Partners' and Clients' expectations, consistently.

We are turning the Dance Industry on its head and taking Dance into non traditional areas by being client driven and benefit led.

In a time when societal pressures on individuals are at their greatest; manifesting in rising mental health issues amongst children and adults, we are using Dance as a catalyst for radical change:

- to realise the potential of individuals

- as a force for positive mental health and wellbeing

- to bring the Arts into Health as a permanent social prescription. 

We are Dancing by Design (DBD): a powerful force for positive mental health and wellbeing.

Welcome to our world.  Please step inside.....


We provide added value through our People: 

- a Team diverse in nature and rich in experience comprising of qualified Mental Health Champions, Professional Dance Teachers, Leading Performers, Strategists, Consultants and Industry Professionals.

- Talent which is driven by the research proven benefits of dance for Mental Health and Wellbeing.

- a Force purposefully disrupting the dance industry and taking dance into non traditional areas to create a positive impact on every life touched.


- a Team, relationship focused, utilising a culturally reflective approach.


- Individuals with the capability to deliver a range of dance solutions specific to our clients' objectives and requirements.

- a Blended Team of talent enabling dance to be seen through a multitude of lenses.  This is manifested in our unique propositions, approaches and methodologies.

Together we are DBD, a powerful force for positive mental health and wellbeing.




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