• Debra Fisher

Workplace mental health, wellbeing and culture: more important now than ever before!

2020 will go down in history as one of the most devastating, disruptive, challenging - hinging on craziest - times in living memory.

As we go forward into a new year, in a world turned upside down by the global coronavirus pandemic, one thing is clearer than ever: the need to address workplace mental health, wellbeing and culture is of paramount importance.

Having an employee wellbeing strategy which proactively supports mental health and delivers wellness initiatives that are rooted in an understanding of employees’ health holistically, will be key. This will help to redefine workplace culture and most importantly, it will lead to greater employee engagement.

I believe, only with the right Wellbeing Strategy, an organisation is able to achieve its vision and create a positive sustainable impact across its business, in its market, with its customers (internal and external) and versus its competitors.

Therefore, at this critical time when people are “living at work” and mental health issues are skyrocketing, those employers who value their staff and who are able to implement a wellbeing strategy with inclusive programmes, will better their odds of survival. I also believe that such businesses are more likely to be successful post Covid-19 at navigating through the economic turbulence……

Wellbeing could just be the most important strategic tool to aid recovery and drive future success. It ultimately rests with Senior HR leaders …………

As one wise man once said “Corporate culture matters. How management chooses to treat and support its people impacts everything for better or for worse”.

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