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Dance - a tonic for positivity...

As a child, I was brought up to always strive to be the best human being possible. Unquestionably a great mantra. However, for those who share this aim, will also know, how hard it is to always rise above and be that better person; to perform acts of kindness in the face of adversity; to persevere when the odds are against you........to ultimately be the change you want to see in the world.

A mantra so great can be motivating but it can also come at a price. Trying to live up to this aspiration within a forever changing and challenging world can impact one's strength and positivity. Even those with the hardest of exteriors can fall captive to life's prey and consequently, crumble on the inside.

As we all know, time is a gift to be treasured. However, everyone - regardless of their age, race or religion will, at some stage in their life, experience mental difficulty and/or pain often in the form of anxiety, stress or depression. For me, pain is often caused through internal pressures to be the best but for others it could be caused through external pressures or a mixture of both! It is what you do at these low moments that count......

So how do you get out of the low periods? What is the remedy?

I believe that the best tonic is exercise and as research has proven, dance is the best form. Why?

Because Dance goes a step (no pun intended!) further than any other exercise....In addition to releasing endorphins, helping weight loss, physical fitness, it offers a range of cognitive benefits such as helping with problem solving, decision making and creativity (to name but a few). Above all, it helps to use the physical to experience one's internal world, allowing one to express feelings and emotions that may have otherwise been too hard to deal with internally and verbally. Locked feelings and emotions with time, can lead to depression and anxiety so dance can be a form of prevention.....

Thus, when navigating through life, Dance can be a powerful prescription for staying on the path of positivity. If you don't believe me, read the compelling evidence to support my claim but best still, try it for yourself.

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