• Debra Fisher

Coronavirus: Humanity will win the fight

Coronavirus has proved to be more than a pandemic, more than an economic crises and more than we could have imagined as a modern day war. It has challenged the very foundations of our life - the way we work and play - and continues to be difficult to deal with at many levels.

However, putting all the negativity aside that has been caused by this invisible enemy, Coronavirus has shone a light on so many positives, none more important that the power of being human.

Yes, whilst Coronavirus has had devastating consequences on human life and we have all experienced great change, the power of being human - caring, looking out for each other, and teamwork - has been at the heart of many Covid-19 related stories which will be told and retold for generations to come. For humanity will always be the difference in whatever situations or circumstances we all face.

When history reviews this moment in time, those who performed acts of kindness, showed compassion to others, those who put others’ needs above their own fears and who came together as a force for good; will be remembered as the difference - the light in the darkness.

Today, these people are our heroes; after all they have helped to save and protect lives, spread positivity and have inspired so many others to follow in their footsteps. From the selflessness and bravery of our NHS and Care Workers, to the creativity of schools that have transitioned to remote online teaching, to a can-do spirit of key workers to keep necessary operations and services going - all demonstrate how humanity is fighting this war. And it does not end here.

We have seen individuals delivering food parcels to those in isolation and to the vulnerable, we have seem new charities created by Chefs who have made it their mission to make and deliver thousands of meals to the NHS, we have seen members of local communities come together to help the Elderly with shopping and picking up prescriptions, we have seen people come together to sing on balconies, to dance in streets, to clap for carers, to raise charitable funds through sponsored walks and runs and so much more..…Bottom line; we have seen extraordinary things from extraordinary people.

Coronavirus has certainly illuminated the difference between a human being and being human. If we didn’t understand it before, we certainly do now.

And so whilst this period in history will be marked as a time of great loss, depression and economic crisis; it will also be remembered as a time of love and humanity for it will be the latter, that will ultimately win, over Coronavirus.

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